Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cup at the Cafe

How to get an unobtrusive shot in a public place? Well, you can always use the old trick of setting a wide angle and putting the camera on the table. Proceed to fiddle with the dials. So I left the framing on this shot - this was the coverage. I was pleased about the woman with the cup. The coffee is good at Dunne and Crescenzi. I also gave the picture a small amount of glowing edges filter since it accentuated the cafe atmosphere and suited the lighting. A cup is a symbol of considerable power. The chalice of course and the grail are both cups. The Tarot has a whole suit devoted to cups. My cup overflows (oft said sarcastically) is from the Christian Bible and is to do with blessings and destiny. But chalices are often associated with breasts flowing with mother's milk. I wondered whether this was the source of the current and extremely popular fashion for heavy cappuccino consumption. Purists don't drink it after noon, but that's become common enough. Very often in object-relations psychoanalysis (Melanie Klein or Emma Freud would be good examples), the therapist will draw attention to a particular kind of behaviour, saying "Well it's like mother milk, isn't it?" Meaning that it's self-gratifying. Constant use of the Internet or television or even coffee can be like mother's milk. Maybe we are all being our own version of the giving, bountiful mother we think we deserve.