Monday, April 27, 2009

Donnybrook Pyramid

Of course there's no pyramid in Donnybrook. Perhaps there should be! Just round the back of the shops, there's an old laundry with a chimney. It used to belong to a religious order and it's had a few different lifes but it's still there. Built on marshy land that used to stretch all the way to the Dodder, it has survived about a hundred and sixty years. I had to wait around and I was playing with the camera. So the chimney effect is all made inside the Pentax box. There's much fighting goes on about pyramid symbolism. Egyptologists are really quite dreary on the subject interestingly. But probably the alchemists have it. It's to do with the relationship of the perimeter to the base. My fellow blogger Custard by Design will surely agree. The square base has a perimeter equal to the length of the circumference of a circle with a radius equal to its height. Alchemist were always on about squaring the circle, so there you have it. Symbolically - elevation, integration and convergence. In the end, pyramids are symbols of ascension - and so are chimneys