Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Glove on the Fence

There's always something interesting on the Pembroke Road. I wonder who this glove belonged to. In time-honoured fashion it has been placed at eye level for the owner to find - but making some kind of point by the looks of it. So perhaps it's in honour of today's government emergency budget because the glove is symbolically about offering or accepting a challenge. The purple shade of the glove suggests aristocracy although it is said that to remove the glove in some-one's presence is to acknowledge their superiority - and I think this survives to this day. When we meet someone and want to shake hands, it is polite to take the glove off. But the fence itself is a boundary of sorts. So maybe someone in the collective wants to make a point about recent developments in the economy. Maybe they felt that things went too far. Maybe they took the gloves off. The finger does seem to be wagging.