Monday, April 13, 2009

Roman Visitors?

Easter Monday and a day off. Excellent! But what to place as an image today? This photograph from a trip to Thessaloniki. The Mount Olympus Museum came to mind and I don't know why. But I'll stick with it for all that. I forgot my own instructions on that trip. If you're taking a photograph of an exhibit, it is wise to to take a photo record of the sign that goes with it! Now commences a hunt to accurately find what this is. Can anyone help? I see the horse, the warrior and the uroboros though. And I notice the inscription is Latin. They had visitors then? Indeed they did. As an addendum, I must thank my sister in law, Laura, for some work on tracking down the meaning of this image. This is a Roman funerary pillar and on the inscription is the title of a Roman judge who was in charge of circuses and constructions in the colonies. He was the Entertainments Officer! He was probably from Abruzzo and most interestingly the pillar is inscribed in the first person singular while the usual is the third singular. Thanks Laura.