Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just an Outline

On Saturday, I was rolling around feeling rootless in the Easter weekend. My journey took me to the South Wall - a popular place for a walk. My shot of the Poolbeg towers was, I felt unremarkable, until I noticed the assembly of walkers seemed interesting. So I played with it for a bit. This version summed up the somehow sombre atmosphere and captured some kind of dynamic between waves, clouds and industrial structures. Much controversy continues about the efficacy of the power station and sewage processing sites and there are continuing concerns about pollution. Symbolically black remains negative for many people - the image reminds me of a negative. But like the old photographic negative, you need it to get a positive. No negative no positive. No negative terminal, no electricity! Black is the colour of melancholy, despair and sorrow and gives rise to terms like blackmail, blacklisting, black market etc. But it's also the colour of the earth that will be fertilised and where plants will bloom. Let a hundred flowers blossom in Ringsend.