Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Stop

Just outside the local Ballsbridge pub Bellamy's, the road sign is a formidable instruction - although I am not quite clear about who is supposed to stop or for what. Stop for a drink by the looks of it. Bellamy's always has a dramatic paint job itself, although not always appropriate. A very popular place during events at RDS and Lansdowne Road (I'll never be able to call it by its new name). A number of clients, who find they can't stop the worries that constantly circulate in their heads, are invited to consider in the imagination this big red stop sign. Pick a place to sit comfortably. Imagine driving along a road winding by the coast or through a beautiful valley. Then imagine you meet a sign like this. It could be a red traffic barrier across the road. It is time to stop and leave your vehicle. You can no further go! You are forced by circumstance to find a place to rest and enjoy yourself - and it can be whatever or wherever you want. Consider that place for a while. Just rest there. Sit down. See the scenery. Smell the smells. Touch things and feel the different textures of stone or grass. When you're more relaxed, bring yourself back gradually to the red barrier. You can move forward now. Have a go and see if it works for you. Practice helps!