Friday, April 17, 2009

Legging it up Grafton Street

Well it was the legs drew me to choose this shot, taken yesterday in the rainy weather, which gave us rather more than an April shower! Symbolically, legs are about social bonding. They allow us to perambulate up to the other. Apparently, the leg is to the body of the social order as the penis is to the human body. Many tribes, such as the Bambara consider it a sexual organ and for them it can be a symbol of marriage. They think that to put your boot on in front of another is to cast very serious aspersions on that persons mother. "Let's leg it!" is of course a reference to a quick getaway - no doubt from those who police the social order. Even so, walking is a matter of confidence in doing automatic things. If you stop to question it ... then we often start to make a hash of it. The centipede was happy quite/Until the toad, for fun/Said, "Pray, which leg goes after which?" /Which wrought his mind to such a pitch, He lay distracted in a ditch /Considering how to run! This is very much a feature of hysteria - always considering the action. So if you're legging it up Grafton Street, don't think about how this all works. Just do it.