Friday, April 10, 2009

Pembroke Steps

I like to think of these steps as the ones used in Alan Parker's film about an Irish R&B band, The Commitments. The mother of Joey the Lips lived in such a house, with such steps. I can't track down any definite answer to this one so maybe someone would let me know. Climbing stairways or steps carry important meanings in psychology and in dream analysis. It can be be about anxiety and terror or on the other hand about happiness and exaltation. Ascension too is part of stair symbolism. We climb the stairs to heaven, success or fame.This a fairly dynamic principle and differs somewhat from going downstairs which Freud would certainly have associated with the unconscious. When we fall from grace, we don't go down the stairs though. "He went down the hill" is a popular way of describing degeneration or deterioration. When the band members of the Commitments climb the stairs of Joey the Lips' Pembroke Road home, they go into something of a different world. It's a film worth seeing again.