Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rocket Science

When I first took shots of neon lights, I was surprised that they were overexposed. I'd taken all of the usual measurements and the results were quite awful. I should have listened to advice. I learned my lesson. Bracket the shot with that overexposure in mind. Take a whole slew of shots. So I did this time and here's my favourite of the door at Eddie Rockets snack bar, Donnybrook. The deepest red was chosen, but you can still see the reflection of the buildings opposite. Eddie Rockets became a bit of an institution. Not as ancient as Abrakababra, but maybe as justified. Many moons ago, I remember sitting beside a couple on the Heathrow-Dublin plane - and I heard her say to him with enthusiasm. "Just think. In an hour we'll be sitting in Eddie Rockets in Donnybrook!" So here we are at that very venue. Rockets generally are symbols of ascension and transformation. But if you dream of a rocket, much may depend on whether you are sitting in it and whether you are in control. Despite the clear sexual connotations, any notion of flight must be somewhat airy and ungrounded - maybe the dreamer is being over-intellectual. Crashing would be akin to Icarus - a touch of harsh reality. Dreaming specifically of Eddie Rockets - now that's a different matter entirely.