Sunday, April 19, 2009

Persephone's Springtime Tower

Part of the St Bartholomew's project, this is the tower from the Elgin Road side. The trees are blooming in a most aggressive manner. Spring is the season of which we speak with some reverence isn't it? You can see why. Renewal, rebirth, the fecundity of the earth. The seasons are symbolically depicted in different ways - the spring is usually a lamb, a kid or a wreath of flowers. Spring is said the be the season most revered by Hermes, the messenger (and trickster) and of course Persephone was the Goddess of springtime. Soon the clock will disappear amongst the leaves and residents of Elgin Road will have to rely on indoor clocks! Only the quarter chimes will remind us of the the time that St Bartholomew's has been chiming out for around 150 years. Can you see the time on the clock? I think it's probably 5.30. It was late Saturday afternoon and unseasonably warm. A very pleasant spring weekend in Ballsbridge but where's Persephone? We will know her when we see her. She is usually rather severe and may be carrying a wheat sheaf. Abducted by Hades, while she was innocently picking some flowers with some nymphs, she was for a while his consort in the Underworld. She was eventually returned, but was tricked into eating pomegranate seed which forced her to return to the Underworld every year - during which time the earth would turn barren. Hence the seasons! In consequence of her underworld status, it is unwise to address her by name. The Maiden will do.