Thursday, April 9, 2009

St Bart's Illustrated Tower

This is part of the St Bartholomew's project. For the effect, I used an in-camera filter which is called illustrate - I don't use these filters much but they are somewhat different from Photoshop filters and quite subtle. I brought up the red so that the sandstone could be seen - I think it's the combination of stone that makes this building interesting. Thomas Wyat the architect was said to be rather boring but I think he made a fist of this church all right. The Christian world very much adopted the tower in its medieval form, complete with belfry and keeps. It's both a symbol of watchfulness and ascension. The story of this particular tower is that it was intended that there should be a spire on the top, but funds were not available. Students of the Tarot will know that some see the Tower as quite a frightening card, but some see it as more dynamic. The lightning hits the tower and builders are thrown down, yet the tower remains fundamentally secure. So the builders must rejoin their efforts since "an unfinished tower is a unfinished as an unsuccessful existence is unfulfilled." So say Chevalier and Gheerbrant who point out that the Tower is a positive symbol and may express an unexpected change of fortune or a crisis of redemption. Maybe Ballsbridge, which has suffered the recent storms of development, will receive an unexpected change of fortune.