Friday, April 24, 2009

Toyota in the Water

This must be a water period. I had pushed out at lunchtime - to get out. No need to pick anything up at the shops. Just a walk. It started to rain and I wrinkled my nose. But it was light enough and there were plenty of people milling around the RDS area. I don't usually walk that way and I had forgotten about the Toyota showroom with its artificial lake. Gaston Bachelard would dislike that artificiality and dismiss these small, decorative pieces of water out of hand. No doubt he would have hated the Toyota showroom altogether. However, the reflections were interesting even though the water was murky. The car reminded me of Herbie in that Walt Disney series - as if its reflection might start bowling down the Merrion Road. Sometimes reflections seem more real than the original. The reflection doesn't change the nature of light, but it appears to carry with it some illusion. The Toyota water is sad and sombre. As night falls and the wind gets up, Herbie's image may be betrayed and forgotten with every ripple.