Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The colours through the windscreen were interesting and the raindrops looked nice. I chose to focus on the raindrops for no other reason than aesthetics. I sheltered for a minute in the car after prowling around and I was parked outside the video rental shop with its very vivid advertising. Symbolically the window is about receptivity, but the shape is important. A round window resembles the eye and might be about the self, but a rectangular window may concern reception from the outside world. Say I was to dream about switching the windscreen wipers on. This might indicate that I needed to increase my receptivity - maybe I need to look harder at something or need to see clearly something that is happening in my environment. But that's just my view. In dream interpretation, its always the dreamer that should have the last view about meanings. It's the dreamer's dream. Keeping a dream notebook is a bit of a discipline, but very worthwhile.