Friday, May 8, 2009

Arrivals, luggage and freedom

I think it would be true to say that we often dream about travel but seldom do we dream of arrivals. It's missed departures, missing tickets and missed connections that we dream about. Luggage is much reported though - things not packed, cases forgotten and the like. When dreams concern forgetting luggage, dreamers report feelings of helplessness or insecurity. These are often dismissed as anxiety dreams, but it's worth paying a bit of attention to their detail. Massive and bulky luggage can be a sign of illusion - or obligations that we impose upon ourselves. Having no luggage can mean that the dreamer may not have enough to fulfil certain tasks. Of course, it depends on the context - but if you have dream about getting rid of your luggage, then this can be regarded as very good developmental sign. Ridding ourselves of things that are outworn, whether it be possessions, attachments or ideas can give us a feeling of freedom. We once believed these things to be absolutely indispensable - and they are no longer necessary.