Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Bell

This is a big cow bell! - a very traditional touch at the farmer's campaign to the EU on the 25th of May. This is in Brussels, just in front of the Berlaymont building just to the side of the Schuman roundabout. There was a nice touch at this protest, because before the marchers arrived, some workmen were laying out new plants in the flower bed. By the end of the working day they were finished. Did the campaigning farmers walk on the prepared flower beds? Certainly not! In symbolic terms, bells are very particular. Regarded as making heavenly sounds, they do take on the meaning of the purpose to which they are put. So these bells call for a particular action - bringing the cows in. For the ancient Germans, the milch cow, Audumla was the first companion of Ymer the first giant. Both were born from melting ice. In this creation myth, they are the ancestors of all living things. As the symbol of fertility, they precede the Gods themselves. Calling the cows is an important business and the bells are a call to action at the symbolic level, to defend the milk and those who produce it. My enormous thanks to Sylvaine who alerted me to this interesting event.