Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cloudy Weather

The clouds were too looming to miss. Back in the not too distant past, it was easy enough to take a picture of just clouds and print them into another shot with a blank sky. Now we do it digitally with layers. Same thing I suppose, but not so tactile. These are rain clouds because within a short space of time ... it rained. This heavenly activity is naturally associated with fertility. In a range of symbolic meanings, figures often travel on clouds. Helen of Troy was but a cloud herself. Conjured up by Proteus, she caused a war did she not? That was the cloudiness of metamorphosis coming to fulfilment. But being on cloud nine, I never checked out - it's supposed to be good there and I guess that's because nine is the number of celestial spheres. The photo is abstract. I haven't tidied it since that was the shape that appealed. The buildings and canopy frame the clouds, containing them and the chimney points heavenwards to intersect with them. It's one of these what can I see from my seat in the cafe? shots. I could have lost the chink of light on the right hand side, but it was there after all.