Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I particularly liked the fact that everyone is wearing something red - even a person on the pavement at the rear. Sandals, jackets, bracelet - many red things. Even though it's not holiday season in Dun Laoghaire yet, the group had a holiday look to it - a bit like the seaside photos I can remember from my youth. A photographer would snap people on the promenade and later you could roll up to his shop and the picture would be displayed in the window. Then naturally you ordered some prints to take home. In these days, not everyone had a camera. No mobile phones either. (It just might be that everyone in this photograph has a mobile phone and most likely it's also a camera.) I was lucky enough to have a Kodak Brownie 127 which I saved up for. My mother had one which had a viewfinder where everything was upside down - an expensive item now! Being out for a stroll, just to walk around, is perhaps something of a lost art. But it's a good way to relieve anxiety. What would it be like to just stroll aimlessly, noticing what you notice?