Thursday, May 28, 2009


Renovation at Brussels Central rail station means it has a lot of interior natural light. I left the photograph in its entirety, so that the roof could be appreciated. As you come up the stairs from the booking office, the departure board is right in front of travellers. It makes a real statement about departures. The railway timetable is set in stone and is unalterable. Even if the train is late or has been cancelled, its name is still its departure time - the 10.30 from Brussels Central is always the 10.30 from Brussels Central - even if reaches Ghent, 5 minutes late. If you dream of a railway timetable, you may be staring at the rigid order of life. There could be something you have to accommodate in your life - because there is a limited range of destinations in the railway network - it's a set pattern. But it may also be the start of some development in the psyche. We begin at the departure board and choose a destination we feel is most suited to us. If we dream about railway departures, the unconscious is working on the self. Of course, we might feel that things are moving in all directions and we wonder where to go. But the journey is about development - even if we feel powerless to find the correct route.