Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Green Van

Yes it was the colours that caught my eye, but I waited until the motor launch came in and ... the woman walked in front of it. So that's the shot. To be part of a symbolic structure the ban has to be equivelant to the cart. The cart is in turn is equivelant to the chariot or "little cart". All cultures have strong chariot symbolism - and Zeus is reputed to have driven a chariot with tremendous din. I don't think he would have been interested in getting an NCT test. He liked the din for what it was - the sound of a chariot of thunder. In Vedic tradition, the chariot carries the soul in state of travail - and it carries it for all its time, for the duration of that incarnation. So let us not scoff at the van. The van is a carrier of things, of people and of cargo. This van looks as if it has been adapted to carry people and in all probability it is waiting for the ferry. but that's another symbol for another time. If you dream of a van, then consider whether you are driving or being transported.