Friday, May 29, 2009

Into the Light

The light from the roof was so nice, I couldn't resist a photograph. It's not always so easy, too much light - and a shot can look a little bland or overexposed. The minimal decor here is attractive though. Designers resisted the temptation to put too much in the space. The banners make a nice touch of colour and the single tree pops out in green. There's even someone hiding behind it. Let there be light says the Bible, thus bringing order out of chaos. And the Taoists ultimately believe the immortal body is composed entirely of light. Although light is generally associated with life, happiness and of course ascension, we must always remember that where there is light there is shadow. Psychoanalysts generally feel that light signals personality development whereas darkness speaks of anxiety and depression. The travellers are headed into the darkness of the booking hall, but they are going to emerge again into the light (which is exactly the place depicted in yesterday's blog!