Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's all about the Milk

The dairy farmers' campaign in Brussels was most colourful - and noisy. No real cows alas, but many of these life size models above together with many, many tractors. Farmers gathered mostly from Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and further afield to protest that they are receiving little of the money paid to supermarkets for milk. Why would you pay less for Cola than you would for milk? asks the European Milk Board, which represents dairy farmers at EU level. A fair question. The cow is a key symbol of mother and fertility, but the colour of the cow is extremely important when it's displayed. Here the cow is red - bright red is the red of flags and posters. It heartens, encourages and mobilises with its call to action. This is the cow of war, demanding a decent price for its work. When we drink milk, we transfer its powers to ourselves - health, healing and knowledge. Indeed. it is said that to dream of drinking milk is to dream of both learning and knowledge.