Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let a hundred flowers bloom

This rock plant is spreading wildly along the Pembroke Road (on the north side) attaching itself to any wall crevice available. I tried to find the source but couldn't exactly say where it started. Not being a serious gardener (although I have a clue), I don't know for sure what this plant is called. Could it be a polemonium boreales? Correct me please, because it is everywhere. Very nice too. The flower is always passive symbolically, like the cup or chalice. But they manifest. At least in the Pembroke Road they do. Flowers are associated with many things - including the Spring, youth, virtue, the dawn and even souls of the dead as in the pipe tune, Flowers of the Forest. There isn't much in Celtic symbolism about flowers though. Perhaps fickleness, as in something constantly evolving. The shades and colours of flowers sometimes correspond to particular states. Here, blue is a bit unreal - is it not? It's kind of unexpected and dramatic in the urban setting. A search for flowers and psychotherapy turned up an article on psychotherapy in China called Letting a Hundred Flowers Bloom. I found it at The term xinli zhiliao corresponds with psychotherapy in the Chinese language. Apparently, psychotherapy in China is developing fairly rapidly now. That is good news. There is much knowledge to share.