Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Line Up

In Brussels, I was lucky enough to be around for the dairy farmers' campaign at the EC building. It was genial enough, but the authorities were taking no chances. Police lines were assembled. Water cannon trucks arrived and gas masks were handed out. I was taking a shot of this line when the policeman in the foreground turned around - for which much thanks. Fortuna for the photographer. The demonstration was well organised and passed off without incident. On this blog I've talked of of police and authority before, but the particular issue here is the challenge to the legitimacy of "the father". Government representatives (the parents) must be challenged because they are, in the view of a section of the population, mistaken. In psychotherapy terms, we cannot always "please the parents" and must stand up to state our own point of view. The authorities, in turn, try to keep the peace. The police look rather more like soldiers here with boots and shields. The shield is a symbol of the passive or defensive and adds the strength of whatever is depicted on it. The transparent shield though ... I can only speculate that there is nothing to add. Only the man behind it, or perhaps his uniform.