Monday, May 18, 2009

Photographers at Work

Now here's a shot of people working art Dundrum Shopping Centre. Even in the days of so many digital instant cameras, there is still a space for portrait photography. I am well pleased. It was easy for me to take this shot from the balcony - but I was casting my mind back to different days. Photography can be fairly stressful because the result is so important to the client. The client is apt to think it's all to do with the photographer, but like psychotherapy, the client also has to work in collaboration to ensure an enduring image. No good scowling or that expression may be in your album - or even on your sideboard - for some time! When the client has gone, there is more work for the photographer to do - pictures selected, images re-touched and attachments to send out. And of course at the end of the day all that clobber must be packed carefully and transported away. I was wondering what has to be packed away when the psychotherapy client finishes the session. I think it's more an "unpacking away". The session may stimulate thoughts and actions, so the session in reality does not stop after 50 minutes. The session keeps going until next week.