Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Price Drop

I just happened to be In Woodie's DIY and I couldn't resist the giant, dramatic lettering of the yellow and black signs. I must say the very helpful Woodie's staff guided me to exactly what I needed to complete my task. Symbolically, any kind of building work can be regarded as making order out of chaos. I am fond of saying that in order to make anything, we first visualise it as complete. That's the phenomenology. We apply a rigorous method to accomplish our designs - great or otherwise. For my task, it was not exactly harmonising raw matter in order to achieve a spiritual outcome - just a replacement of a unit that was probably defective in the first place. Nonetheless, it is now complete whereas before, it was deficient. In psychotherapy, we tend to minimise any talk about fixing problems. Yet there is something of the harmonising. The psychotherapist is not the doctor. Nor is he or she an architect, builder or designer - since the client must do the work. Perhaps both therapist and client are both journeymen and apprentice together, each learning from one another as the process takes place. Yet for the client there is something of harmonising his or her own "raw matter" along the way - putting one's own stuff in order.