Friday, May 8, 2009

Save our Selves

This is a bit of fall-out from the development of the old Jury's Hotel site. Jury's was an institution and a great favourite with the Lansdowne rugby goers. Next door to the hotel (which continues to trade under a new name) is this development victim. By the looks of things it was an an unsuccessful campaign. It's hard to go up against development money although its unclear what's going to happen now. This school has been like this for a while now (and there are many photographs on Flickr) but I hadn't noticed the planning application for a car park. Change is always hard to deal with and as an old tutor of mine once said, "Change means loss." Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, its impossible to resist change. The individual faced with the collective often feels swamped - and the collective can be a blunt instrument (not always for the worse). But the primacy of the individual is something privileged by Jungians. Some individuals come to psychotherapy because they want to change something about their relationship with the outer world. So when the outer world looks fairly uncertain, psychotherapy can help individuals find their own path through turbulent times.