Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Elgin Road just at the beginning of spring - and slightly adjusted for effect. The colour of the brickwork is just a delight - although with the various developments the terrace can look a little tartan at times. Things have progressed a bit since this photo was taken and the trees have more foliage for the birds to make nests. This is the archetypal image of the fruitful mother as opposed to the phallic tree trunk. The fruit of the trees will scatter upon the ground. Not to mention the fruit of the birds which will be dumped on our cars. That's what you have to put up with in Ballsbridge. The trees are nice but the fall out is immense! It does call attention to the rhythm of the seasons though. In order to appreciate life's duration, it's vital to accept rhythms - "systems of instants" as Bachelard calls them. Psychotherapy depends on rhythms. There is a point to weekly sessions, keeping the same time, the same day and so on. To undertake psychotherapy is to form an agreeable rhythm - a succession of noticeable instants in which life and thought can be stable and secure. So when there is fall-out, events find their place located in some deep resonance.