Friday, May 1, 2009


I wanted to take a shot in this avenue for a while but it lacked a central subject. The pathway needed people to animate it and this couple obliged me the other day in Herbert Park, Ballsbridge. Being a couple together here, this is definitely about two. It reminds me of the blues singer Lightin' Hopkins who sang about his loved one, "Soon we shall be as two." Of course he must have meant one, but probably it didn't rhyme. In alchemy two elements are joined and become something else and by comparison, two is the motivator in the path of self development and individuation. In psychotherapy we are usually two. One assists the other to both confront and develop the self. But the picture is also about the path. Now "the path less travelled" is something of a cliche in psychotherapy. I prefer to think of it as a flow of energy through networks with branches, nodes, and fissures. In psychotherapy, this network of likely paths is psychologically and socially inhabited by the two.