Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Box

I liked this shot just after I had taken it but I forgot about it and it lay in the files for some months. I recall I was buying a filter, just to protect the camera lens. Having fitted it I snapped this shot as another customer was being served. I've removed the green glow of the fluorescent lights otherwise the man's shirt would be a luminous mauve. In symbolism the box is always maternal and mysterious. Even if we can see what's in this one, it is still about the Unconscious! Do you recall the game show with the stack of boxes, Take Your Pick? The contestant was always asked whether he or she wanted cash, or if they would they take a chance on the mysterious contents of the box. The box protects something exciting, fragile and awesome - a surprise. In this case it's a little Sony digital camera - itself a kind of eye. The most famous of all boxes was Pandora's box. Told not to, she opened the box anyway, which is always a risk. Sorrow and mischief flew out to torment men. But concealed under the rim there remained Hope.