Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Change is Loss

I am just mourning the loss of the old film stock. I don't use such a camera these days although I still have a couple of 35mm Pentax bodies for film stock. The last time I used a 35mm SLR, I looked at the back of the camera for the picture! I very much miss some film stocks - Tri X, XP2, Ektar - and the fabulous ScotchChrome 1000 which had grain like golf balls. There are still facilities for developing films, but much reduced. Apparently the one time Yellow God of Photography, Kodakchrome, is ceasing production too. I never saw that coming. All the same, digital photography is very rewarding. Results are immediate and can be rejected if not up to scratch. What is lost is the anticipation of the completed roll of film. Sometimes you didn't need to wait though. There was a visceral feeling for an out-of-the-ordinary image. I miss the darkroom too. The manipulation of the image was fun - but not the spotting of the completed print. So this assembly of remaining films and old style lens represents both loss and gain. So it is in psychotherapy. Clients want to change something or they would not be there. But in embracing new ways of being, they lose the old - and possibly unwanted - yet familiar ways. Change is always loss.