Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Italy Reflected

I took this on my sixtieth birthday, so I get to be in the shot - well a bit anyway. I have featured the Panorama in Howth before but I like the ambience of the place. You will find a serious sandwich in the Panorama, no messing. In this shot, you can see a reflection of my head and camera just above Sicily. It looks like Salerno (or Punta Campanella) is poking me in the eye. The dot in the north is, I think, where one of the proprietors comes from. No prizes for the symbolism of the window - like the eye, it always concerns receptivity. The window of an establishment such as a cafe aims to receive the guest. An inn or hostelry shares the symbolism of the house, since it seeks to provide the traveller with creature comforts. The cafe would be the kitchen with its alchemical transformations!