Monday, June 22, 2009

Landmark's Echo

There must be many shots of this scene, but this is my own. Taken from the Sandymount Strand, it has both reflection and echo. the echo consists of the smaller towers on the right! Technically, these are chimneys - and hence symbolically about mysterious channels of communication. Since Poolbeg Power Station is energy generating, it shares the symbolism of heat and fire. It "draws" the fire, maintains heat and therefore life. I had a look on the net for similar images and although there are many of Poolbeg, there isn't one exactly like this. Sometimes I think everything has been done and really, opportunities for new images are inexhaustible - and there for the taking! But the reflection and the echo does bring to mind the story of Narcissus. Narcissus was very beautiful youth who unfortunately scorned the love of Echo, a mountain nymph. His punishment (by either Nemesis or Aphrodite) was that when he stooped over a stream to quench his thirst he would be consumed by his own reflected image. Echo so wasted away in calling to him, that eventually only her voice remained. And so it is with many of us. So concerned are we with our own reflection that we forget to answer the other. Echo is calling. Can you hear her?