Sunday, June 21, 2009

His Point of View

Well away from the enclosure in ther last image, the boy looks out to sea. Could there be a more open proposition in symbolic terms? The young person with the opportunities of life looks out on the start of the voyage. What will the future promise? Open sea and sky beckons. The youth is expected to be adventurous, within limitations - and these limitations are set by the father as in the legend of Icarus. Father makes the wings for Icarus his son, to help father and son escape from the captivity of Minos. He sets limitations on the son who is bound by the feathers and wax construction. Because of the materials, he may not approach the sun to closely. I guess you know the rest. But it's about the intervention of the father, authority and the necessity for children to push beyond the bounds of parents and become independent. There is freedom and danger in the realities of the world. This young man was out and about with his friend and investigating the harbour - he was being independent. He was going out into the world and that's the way it works.