Monday, June 15, 2009

Shoots and leaves

Eats shoots and leaves was what I thought when I gave the title to the shot! I liked the juxtaposition of the camera, sign and foliage. The symbolism of leaves falls into the general category of plants except that there are usually many and so denote a group. Shelley described the fallen leaves as "pestilent multitudes" and was making a reference to a whole class. Foliage is a different matter. In the orient, a bunch of leaves represents good fortune. In the Ballsbridge lanes, the foliage is quite lush and ivy can overtake walls, poles and trees with astonishing speed. We have spoken of Dionysos before in this blog! He is often pictured as draped in ivy and this signifies endurance. Dionysos was said to use ivy to carry away in delirium those women who refused to worship him.