Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shopping Trip

I took this shot quickly in St Stephen's Green Shopping centre. It was simply unmissable and I "shot from the hip". Photoshop let me doctor it to look a bit like pictures from old Chinese magazines that I used to buy from oriental shops in Chinatown in London (I'm talking 1960s!). Children and childhood always symbolise innocence - cross-culturally. Children are innocent, spontaneous and unaggressive - as in the photograph - not having yet acquired "knowledge of good and evil". We often talk about finding the child within. Finding the adult within is often a more difficult task as Jarvis Cocker has commented. But in regarding the child self as part of our psyche, we are usually referring to the innocence of the child and its ability to play without self consciousness - rather than puerile or infantile behaviour in adults. So perhaps if as an adult, I exhibit spontaneity, a Taoist might say ... despite your great age, you have the gloss of childhood (Chuang Tzu).