Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spade and Pail

I left this Sandymount beach shot exactly as it was. My title causes confusion in England since in that land, a pail is ... a bucket. I had some confusion in Yorkshire once in making a request - and ended up with a Pale Ale. In the photograph, it was the shape and the deep colours of the objects that I liked. There's also some kind of seaweed stuff all over the beech. It's organic whatever it is but I don't know the name! Generally, the symbolism of pails (or buckets) is the same as that of pots or urns - which in turn are often associated with water. The old song There's a Hole in My Bucket springs to mind. I think here that since the container is exactly for the purpose of filling with sand, that this pail takes on the attributes of sand. Both container and sand are linked with womb. Which makes sense if you think about walking on the beach in bare feet. Then we get a feeling of rest, safety and regeneration - regressus ad uterum.