Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tracks in Howth

This photograph and the next were taken fairly closely togather in time and space - and they are total opposites. This one with a real sense of enclosure and the next with a very open feel. The enclosure in psychoanalysis is very important and can express a retreat or a spiritual domain over which one has complete control. As in the photograph, only a chosen few are admitted to this "sacred space". The enclosure in the image is well-bounded on one side and on the other side the open sea washes into another enclosure - Howth Harbour. There are tracks too, which lead to the water's edge for the loading and unloading of fishing boats. This really is the "other side of the tracks". Dreaming of this scene would be rich indeed and there would be many associations to consider: the cage, the rails, wood, metal, boats, fishing, buildings, sea and sky. If a client presented with such a dream image, a psychoanalyst would go through each and every one of these pieces of content. When they are completely exhausted, analyst and analysand can begin to work towards meaning.