Thursday, June 4, 2009

Water Cannon Number 10

This is Water Cannon Number 10 in Brussels, there to oversee the dairy farmers' demonstration. I must say they didn't fire in anger and merely rattled the barrels around threateningly, which makes a funny noise. Later on I was studying the drips from one of the barrels. I was sizing it up for a fast shutter speed shot to freeze the water when it swung around to point at me. A strange moment and clearly in jest. Jest or not I did not hang around to test it out! In his seminal work, Water and Dreams, Gaston Bachelard does not mention water as a weapon, although it's as old as Exodus. Water can be creator or destroyer. It is the great punisher of sinners with its mighty power. The good have nothing to fear -in theory! Ten is the number which sums things up. Like the Ten Commandments, it is the fulfilment of the Law. Which in this case, is interesting. Here, the Law is protecting the administrative headquarters of the EU at Berlaymont from the dairy farmers. Tomorrow the parliamentary elections for Europe take place.