Monday, June 8, 2009

Yellow Wheel

We haven't left Brussels quite yet, not least because my camera battery expired and I am waiting on a replacement. This photograph from the Autoworld Exhibition took my fancy. In this vast hanger, a multitude of old cars is assembled. This image I chose because of the yellow wheel, which allows me to say many things about wheels, circles and perfection - as well as old cars! It also has spokes radiating from a hub - which is after all the archetypal wheel. The wheel suggest the world because of the hub staying still at the centre. The wheel turns but the centre is unchanged. In human fate, there is no power that can reverse its direction says dharma-chakra. But this is a car so presumably it has a reverse gear - especially since it's a fabulous Bugatti. You can never quite reverse back into exactly the same place of course. I know a guided imagination relaxation exercise with exactly this car reversing movement, which many of my clients swear by. But more of that next week.