Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Black Castle

Sandcastles are weird because they're castles out of place. Castles should typically be in a hilltop or in the middle of somewhere. They are set apart on strong foundations, not languishing by the shifting sands of the beach. Strong and secure they offer protection. But this sand is black and just won't do. The black castle speaks of utter failure and unsatisfied desire. It is completely empty except for the poor souls who walks ghostlike through its lonely corridors and along its gloomy ramparts. It is the opposite of the white castle which boasts achievement and the fulfilment of destiny, the realisation of the desire of the heart. The Black Castle is - as in Kafka's novel, The Castle - an image of Hell. For whomsoever walks within these walls, their fate is sealed. For those in psychotherapy who seek increased awareness we cannot speak of the "castle in darkness" typified by lack of focus and control by the unconscious. For those in psychotherapy are in a lighted castle where there is arousal and intention. And our poor castle pictured here? Well, we know there is no hope for the black castle built on sand.