Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Blue Rope Trick

I had to work a little, to get this depth of field. The early digital cameras were really quite hopeless at doing this and even at this stage I was moaning to myself that there I couldn't get lower than 100 ASA for this shot. I guess I'm fairly satisfied though. The rope is part of a building site behind Baggott Street, which is gradually progressing. It's some 18 months since I took my first photograph of building works there. Ropes have lots of interesting symbolism attached. But the one that takes my fancy is the Ancient Mexican notion of Toxcatl, meaning rope or lasso. I mentioned in a previous blog that in Central American symbolism, ropes hang from the sky as semen, fecundating the earth below so I clearly like this idea also. And even though they are symbols of ascent, in the main, ropes fall from the sky and not the other way round - like ascending ladders. In the Koran, the Prophet is quite sarcastic when he says, "How paltry is it to try to throw ropes into the air." In mindfulness exercises I ask clients to imagine their head is attached to the sky by a slim thread. This helps to keep the body straight and relax neck muscles. Yet somehow I feel that the thread descends to the head rather than ascends to the sky - and that peace of mind makes this possible.