Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Builders' Stuff

I'm taken by colour at present and maybe what I saw here as its lack. This is nearly monochrome except for the poles which have a patina of rust. Are these the bits the builders rejected? The reason I ask is that some Jungians - archetypalists mostly - argue that the bit that the builder rejects is often the most important bit. What material are we excluding concerning ourselves? It is the case that metal workers were traditionally excluded from society because their trade was felt to have some connection with the Underworld. Blacksmiths were partcilarly affected despite their useful function. Jungians identify metals with libido - energy in the broader sense and the path of individuation can be compared to the transmutation of metals. If you dream of a blacksmith or forged metals, you can certainly consider that there is something happening in your life that it is positive. Re-integration proceeds through fire and destruction, say the alchemists. If you dream of a scene like this though, it is likely to represent a creation of order from chaos in your life. The tools and the raw materials are ever present.