Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Herbert Park Flowers

The wide angle lens lets the photographer do this kind of thing. You can get up very close yet portray a sense of space and depth. I had some luck because the Park workers had just been laying these flower beds and they made a stunning sight. Freshly planted and watered, the colours were most vibrant. Symbolically, flowers can give us many meanings and often they are associated strongly with their type. But flowers in general? In the Celtic world they were regarded as fickle in the sense of evolving, fleeting or brief - and ephemeral. Flowers often stand in for the soul - like the Scottish pipe tune Flowers of the Forest, or in that old anti-war song, much played in the sixties, Where have all the flowers gone? Pete Seeger composed it having taken inspiration from a Ukrainian folk song mentioned in the Sholokhov novel And Quietly Flows the Don. It was much popularised by Peter Paul and Mary but curiously it was first performed by Marlene Dietrich. The orange-red colours of these flowers seem to speak of the sun and we just had a brief moment of that today!