Monday, July 6, 2009

Llyr flies!

Patiently did I wait for the seagull to spread its wings - and then suddenly it took off into the air. I hadn't been sure if my patience was going to be rewarded and I had been muttering about the inconsistency of birds in general. So I take that back. Sorry Seagull!. Some seagulls seem enormous and they are quite intelligent - so they can indeed be described as Gods of the Sea. The Welsh Sea God, Llyr was said to have taken the form of a Seagull. In general, birds are transitory creatures that fly between heaven and earth and this is why they are often cast as symbols of the soul. White birds especially are regarded as mediating between heaven and earth, yet their lightness is not always regarded positively. They are volatile and flit about without apparent purpose. They are "airy". Sometimes, a psychotherapist might regard a subject as being airy - which would not necessarily be a criticism. It might be that someone has a need for "grounding" - literally keeping one's feet on the ground. But this image also features a bird perched firmly on the chimney stack. To me, it looks like it's giving the other an "old fashioned look"! We need to possess a judicious mix of both qualities.