Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lonely Crossing

Somewhere between the road from Greystones to Wicklow is this level crossing. A small road leads down to the sea but you have to cross the railway line to get there. This spot has something of the Western about it, with its old-fashioned train sign, surrounded by flat terrain. The single rail track leads off to a distant but discernible horizon and the odd walker uses the track to walk along the coast. I know I've featured danger signs before so I will reprise by saying that the hysterical child is already imagining himself crushed under a locomotive. That would be unlucky for this is a quiet location and I imagine a train can be heard for many kilometers. The threat of being run down by a train would represent an extreme anxiety state, not only because it is unlikely, but because the psyche is in danger of losing control. It is self destruction that is the concern. The danger of being crushed under the force of the unconscious libido - rather than the reality of being run over by the locomotive. That's not to say one should linger when the real train does pass, but to acknowledge that many can feel crushed by aspects of their own lives.