Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maze Unfinished

Not so much unfinished as not yet grown! This is a sunflower maze in gestation at the Botanic gardens, Dublin. I plan to visit later in the year when the sunflower season is upon us. The poles made for a dramatic shot though and some small children were already enjoying the pathways. The maze has quite an interesting history and symbolic implications. It often wards off the evil spirits (by keeping them out or confounded). It is a preliminary journey to some hidden centre though - replete with dead ends and cross weaving of paths. They were often carved into the floor of churches and cathedrals and is said to have substituted for the journeys to the Holy land. The Alchemists saw the maze as an image of the whole task involved in any Work. To enter is one thing but to emerge could be death or resurrection. In any case, it is of interest to psychoanalysts because it is about the transformation of the self that occurs in the middle of the maze. The direction of travel is through the darkness and into the light.