Thursday, July 9, 2009

Monster Truck Derby

The colour combination took my interest here as I strolled round the back of Baggot Street. Yellows and reds abound and the point is that we notice them immediately - associating them with the need to pay attention. There is some anticipation regarding this development since it sits behind quite a vibrant section of our neighbourhood. I recall taking one of my first photographs on the Canon digital EOS when the development was a hole in the ground - that was some time ago, just before Xmas 2007 I think. These giant machines look like monsters don't they? Especially when lumbering. A monster symbolises some kind of guardianship of a treasure and invariably they guard holy ground. Whilst threatening, these monster trucks do have an ordered function - even if they seem to swallow up earth . Like Jonah's whale they are transformative. He emerged a changed being and we hope that Ballsbridge will be changed for the better when the monster trucks have finished their task. In the mean time, it's perhaps judicious to get out their way until the treasure is revealed.