Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shoes on the Pembroke Road

The Pembroke Road is a good street for photographs. There's always something going on in that strip. This is around 5 o'clock in the evening and there are office workers, tradesmen, shoppers, joggers and a variety of others going about their business. In the realm of poetics and psychoanalysis, what is to be said concerning the street and the Pembroke Road? Well, when I look at the image I am very conscious of footwear so it's all about the shoes (Freud would be pleased!). The symbolism of shoes is rich indeed and I agree with Jean Servier that to walk shod is to take possession of the ground - as does the woman in red. The jogger hardly does because he is travelling for travel's sake - the jogger travels in all directions at once and the destination is subsidiary. That Freud regarded shoes as fetish, there can be no doubt but he expressed doubt as to why this was. Nonetheless, shoes are often attached to the car of the bride and groom as they leave their wedding reception. I wonder how many recall the old TV series Bronco? The theme tune went like this ...
Once knew a girl who kissed him once, once knew a girl who kissed him twice, once knew a girl who kissed him twice, she's dreaming of shoes and rice. Bronco, Bronco, tearing across the Texas Plain.