Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timeless Chat

I took this yesterday evening when I was waiting for an appointment. I had some hanging around time, then it started to rain - so people were scurrying. But not everyone took flight. The group on the right merely sat out the drizzle and continued their conversation. This is the corner near St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, just down from the Gaiety Theatre. I am drawing on Lefebvre again for this scene. If we look at the space around us, what do we see? Is it possible, do you think, to see time? I had limited time and I had to be somewhere else at 5.15 pm. But this nice little group here has somehow subverted time and space. Primarily, we tend to see movement in the street, but the group has adopted its own space and time - not even the rain is going to shift it. They are in lived time and not the time of the clock just up the road. Their time is apprehended within the space, as is time within nature. The time the rain started.