Saturday, July 18, 2009

Window Shopping

I spotted this scene 24 hours before I took the shot, then had some luck as a family passed. Is it all about the windows? Or is it just a shop renovation? I need to paraphrase Henri Lefebvre when he asks is a window simply a "void traversed by a line of sight". He answers his own question in the negative. A window is a transitional object with two variations - inside and outside. Each bears the mark of the other. So windows are framed differently: outside for the outside and inside, naturally for the inside! This shot is a little confusing because of the transitory nature of the interior. Also because many windows can be seen through the two windows of the corner shop. A transitional object in psychotherapy is a little different - or is it? For a child, a toy - like a teddy bear - can help the child to bridge some kind of gap - a temporary separation from the mother, for example. In the shop window, each pane of glass bears the mark of the other whereas the child's transitional object bears the mark of a significant other.